Hamza Namira “Ana Ya Iseal”


O isreal!
iam neither a government nor a state
Nor am l a mere tongue that has memorised a few words
Nor am l a president nor a king surrounded by saluting guards
O isreal!
Iam a word as old as humanty, year on year
O isreal! My son had died when the meaning of peace died
And was thrown into the rubble
When he was hit by a treacherous arrow
An arrow carelessly fired
O isreal!
it’s not a petition
But what i do say that the one who has died
is still alive and present in the same place
In Bethlahem, in Hebron, and in Lebanon
Standing there
If you heard him, you’ll hear him say:”Never!”
He’s saying: “Never will we give up our green land, our sea and our sand”
And as for me, do you know who I am?
I am the word of every age and time
Do you know what my name is, with all the pride in the world?
My name is the greatest name
My name is…
My name is: EGYPT!

Hamza Namira “Ana Ya Iseal”


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